Cody Caughlan
CTO of – and generalist Software Developer


I live in San Francisco, CA. and enjoy software development.

I am the CTO of Vinosmith, Inc. – a SaaS data management platform for Wineries & Wine Distributors.

I also have various contracting / free-lancing roles; I help companies fulfill their software development projects.



quickbooks-ruby is a Quickbooks Online REST API V3 client in Ruby.

I developed this package because I need to integrate Vinosmith with Quickbooks Online customers. Since its release in 2014 there has been a solid amount of community contributions which is super-fantastic.

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  • Ruby
  • Quickbooks Online API


ruckusing-migrations database migrations for PHP ala ActiveRecord Migrations with support for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite

I was working on a PHP project which needed database migrations and was missing the migrations that you get for free in Rails. I realized such a framework didn't exist - so I wrote one.

This project has also benefited greatly from the community with a number of contributions.

»See source on GitHub

  • PHP


elevation-ios is a simple iOS app which shows the current users location on a map along with their elevation. Additionally, the use can search Google Places and see the gain/loss in elevation between two arbitrary places.

I wrote this app because I was mountain biking and wanted to know my elevation.

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  • RubyMotion
  • Cocoa/UIKit APIs

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elevation-android is a clone of elevation-ios but written for Android.

I wrote the clone because I wanted to dust of my Android skills. I also wanted to play with Square Retrofit and Otto. Which are two awesome libraries and were a joy to work with.

»See source on GitHub

  • Android / Java
  • Square Retrofit HTTP Client library
  • Square Otto Event Bus

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SMS Butler

SMS Butler is an Android app which can send back an Auto-Reply to incoming SMS messages.

This is a functional proof-of-concept app which allows you to have your Android app automatically respond to SMS messages when you are not available.

Basically its a Vacation Responder for SMS - but requires your device to be powered on and to receive the SMS.

»See source on GitHub

  • Android / Java
  • RecyclerView
  • for SQLite persistence

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UIColor to [Android] Hex

A handy tool to convert UIColor contructions to hex.

Porting iOS apps to Android and need to convert colors? This is what you're looking for.

Check it out!

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